SurePayroll Business Partners & Brands

  • Business Online Payroll (GBOP)
  • Huntington - No sales credit will be approved on Partnership clients - Must be handled as an internal transfer
  • RunPayroll - this requires partner approval
  • Truist - No Sales or Banker credit will be approved - must be handled as an internal transfer
  • Union Bank (UBOC) - No Sales or Banker credit will be approved - must be handled as an internal transfer

SurePayroll Product Offerings (Informational)

  • Payroll: General, Household/Nanny, Clergy/Religious organizations, Restaurant, 1099 Contractors & Officer Only
  • Ancillary Services: 401k through ePlan Services, Worker’s Comp via Paychex Insurance Agency (PIA), Health Insurance via Paychex Insurance Agency (PIA) & Employment Screening via H2 Workforce
  • Payroll Features: Accounting integration, Time Clock integration, Labor Law Compliance posters (SureAdvisor and HR Advisor) & Mobile App on iPhone and Android for EEs and ERs

SurePayroll to Paychex Client Transfer Request Form

This form is required in order for a transfer request to be considered for Sales Credit when selling to an existing SurePayroll client.

Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee your request will be granted. Approval to transfer and/or sales credit will be communicated after your request has been reviewed.

NOTE: anything with an * is a required field

Submitter Information

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Client Information

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Qualifying Questions

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*What platform will the client be using?:

*What date is the client looking to process payroll?