Life is complicated. Paying your nanny or private teacher shouldn’t be.

We’ll handle the complications of payroll and taxes for you that come along with hiring a nanny, nanny shares and e-learning pods.

Save Time and Comply with the Law


Service Guarantee

All of our payroll services are covered by our Service Guarantee.


Easily run payroll online or from your smartphone or tablet - anytime.



Put your payroll on cruise control and automate payment. 

Tax Filing Guarantee for Agriculture Payroll

Avoid IRS Penalties with our No Penalty Tax Filing Guarantee

Pay your nanny, caregiver or other household helpers in minutes - and avoid the work of calculating and then paying the necessary taxes - to all of the various agencies. SurePayroll’s nanny payroll service has you covered.

  • Deductions for Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, and state taxes are done for you.
  • 1040-ES filed on your behalf.
  • Signature-ready Schedule H provided for you to attach to your annual 1040 filing.


What the Nanny Tax Means for You

We’ve prepared a guide to nanny taxes to explain the details and requirements.  Using a payroll service like SurePayroll is often the easiest way for your household to stay complaint with the current nanny taxes.

nanny payroll

Payroll as Easy as...

Running payroll is easy, and you can do it in just a few clicks from your computer or mobile device.  Here’s all it takes:

  1. Enter your employees’ hours or salary.
  2. Preview the taxes being deducted.
  3. Approve payroll. You’re done!

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